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This 3 in 1 High-Efficient Sharpener offers sharpening, shaping, and finishing capabilities to breathe life back into dead or dull knives.
Sharpin all three stages of sharpening by shopeur

Pull back your knife about 10 -15 times at sharpening angle with light pressure. You can go up to 15 times if the knife is very dull for the desired outcome.Sharpin knife sharpener right way to sharp your knife

Your blunted blade can be sharpened in minutes with Sharpin™ - simply pull your knife back in each slot 10 -15 times.
Sharpin knife shaprener

Ensure to pull the knife in a single direction, and always keep in mind to avoid any back-and-forth motion.Sharpin 3 stages of sharpening

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  • Sharpin first stage of sharpening by shopeur

    Tungsten Steel

    The Sharpening stage restore the V shape of the knife and starting point for grinding normal steel knives, making them sharp again.

  • Sharpin second stage of sharpening by shopeur

    Diamond Rod

    The shaping stage uses hard diamond rods to pre-grind blades. Only this stage has the necessary hardness to restore blunt knives to the required basic shape

  • Sharpin third stage of sharpening by shopeur

    Ceramic Stone

    Final step of the sharpening process. Honing the knives with a ceramic stone to remove burrs and polish the blade.

Customer Reviews

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B Theodore

I like it!

Its good!

Must buy instead of buying new knifes.

Must buy instead of buying new knifes. The best job will be guerented with this product. Go for it

I was little skeptic while ordering.

I was little skeptic while ordering. As eager to test i took a blunt knife which I bought almost 3 yrs ago. I swiped it as instructed and tried testing on a sheet of paper and woow it cuts the paper smooth and easy. Tried on veggies and was super impressed.

Reasonably good knife sharpene

Reasonably good knife sharpener which extends the life of knives by getting them sharp. You need to use the product correctly to get the expected results. Also, I feel that the sharpening needs to be done frequently to maintain the sharpness.
Good value for money product at the price that it is offered.

Really Good to use

Really Good to use. All should have this one at home those who are using knife. With the help of this we don't need go out for Sharping our Kitchen Knife

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